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dsr July 28, 2009 13:46

Secondary Breakup
I am trying to chose the best secondary breakup model to use for a crossflow spray simulation. I can't find any literature that matches experimental results using the Reitz and Diwakar model. Is this because it is a new model, or it isn't a very reliable model?

Zabulor November 9, 2009 11:07

Solution ever necessary??
I'm working on the same things. The model you are speaking about is named Wave or KH. You can find information in the Fluent notice if you use it or in those publications :

Modeling Atomization Processes in High-Pressure Vaporizing Sprays ; Rolf D. Reitz ; Atomisation and Spray Technology 3 (1987) pp 309-337
A Comparison of Classical Atomization Models against Current Experimental Measurements within a Zero-Dimensional Framework ; R. O. Grover, Jr.* and D. N. Assanis, A. M. Lippert ; 17th ILASS Americas, Arlington, VA, May 2004
Breakup Mechanisms and Drag Coefficient of High-Speed Vaporizing Liquid Drops , S.S. Hwang, Z. Liu and R. D. Reitz, 1996

If you have any information about choosing B0 and B1 whose known to depend of the characteristic of the spray (particularly B1), i am interesting :')


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