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jits_aps90 July 30, 2009 04:16

Vortex generators : In car design
Hello everyone,

I was just brainstorming some ideas for prevention of separation boundary layer on cars. I thought this could, not though that substantially, but quite significantly help in reducing drag caused due to separation of boundary layer & hence the wakes formed.
Though the flow of air is not that fast, but still if the use of Vortex generators could be emphasized to prevent boundary layer separation (BLS).

I am currently trying to work on such a problem, where i plan to study the behavior of subsonic flows over cars employed with vortex generators at most prone points of BLS.

What do you think about this ? ? :) Hope I am not spoiling the design of a car???

sharad_shevate July 30, 2009 04:25

vortex generator
Hi jiten,
A good amount of work is already done on this topic and i hope following links will help you in your study .
If you are trying to improve the efficiency , reducing the coefficient of drag (Cd) should be the main interest..
Also your topic relates only to racing cars driving at a speed of more than 90mph and not a common automobile plying on a road.

Best of luck!


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