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srik October 15, 2003 05:46

Parallel solvers
Hi all, Can any one suggest me the parallel algorithms for solving 3D NS equations(incompressible flow, viscid). Please suggest me any papers regarding algorithms.

thanks in advance,


araz October 15, 2003 16:45

Re: Parallel solvers
One of the best way of parallel processing is data partitioning,make your stiffness matrix in a way that use parallel solvers, the best parallel solver is PETSc library, you can download the PETSc library from :


srik October 17, 2003 00:59

Re: Parallel solvers
Hi Thank you for your response but I don't want to use any parallel solver, I would like to implement parallelisation with in my own code. For that I need to know different algorithms present in the literature which are efficient. It will be grateful if any one can suggest some algorithms which I can try to implement.

thank you, srikanth

araz October 17, 2003 02:46

Re: Parallel solvers
In the hardware view point there are two kind of parallel machines multi processors and multi computers programming in multi processors is somehow similar to sequential one but multi computers are complex.If you've programmed your code sequentially without prallel consideration,changing it to parallel can be difficult, but if you want to use multi computers can refer to following text boot Parallel Programing with MPI by Peter S. Pacheco

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