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zobekenobe July 30, 2009 18:47

direct numerical simulation

My project is "the study of multiparticle systems in a fluid using Direct Numerical Simulation".....i basically need help because i dont from where to suppose to write my own code..i have entierly no clue ..please any help


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jits_aps90 July 30, 2009 23:59

DNS - Turbulence Modeling
just to share with you, even I am working on a similar turbulence problem i.e. JICF.
I am also supposed to use DNS, the way I am looking at it is like one first needs to understand the basic turbulence model & the special cases where one uses these models.
make some literature survey on this work, search for good research papers, they are available on net.
You will get a good start, good luck.

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