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rr_amerian August 3, 2009 01:59

pressure coorection
Hello all,

I am a PhD student, writing a CFD code for a laminar flow in cylindrical axisymetric coordinate. I can not converge my code:( and I think the problem is in exerting boundary conditions of pressure correction equation.

I will be so thankful if anybody can send me the boundary conditions of Pressure correction equation in SIMPLE algorithm.

Thanks everybody.
Good Luck

m.iran August 20, 2009 04:54

RE. Pressure correction equation in SIMPLE algorithm
Normaly there are 2 kinds of conditions at boundary, either the pressure at boundary is given and normal velocity is unknown or vice versa.
1.Given pressure : if guessed pressure field is arranged such that at boundary P*= Pgiven, then value of the P' at the boundary will be zero.
2.Given normal velocity: for example if the velocity has be given just at western face, just the coefficient of aw at pressure correction Eq will be zero, and other coefficients don't change. and u* at west shouldn't be corrected. (because it is given as boundary condition and does not change) :cool: it is illustrated in Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow by patankar.

SKK August 20, 2009 05:41

Have a look at the book 'An introduction to computational fluid dynamics, the finite volume method' by H. K. Versteeg & W. Malalasekera.

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