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Agus October 20, 2003 00:31

I need help for cylindrical coordinate in LES
Hi everyone, could anyone tell me what are the equations (IN CYLINDRICAL COORDINATE, r, teta, z)used in Large Eddy Simulation in Fluent 6. Or where can I find those equations? (I need those equations to make my final report).

thank you very much !

jdc October 23, 2003 09:09

Re: I need help for cylindrical coordinate in LES
Hi Agus,

It seems your post did not trigger any answer. You could try post it in the Fluent forum.

I may give you a clue. Usually, a multi-purpose code such as Fluent relies on finite-volume approach. When using this approach, one can integrate the equations on a wedge (or an axisymetrical domain) using NS equations expressed in a cartesien coordinate system.

However, for demonstration purpose, you can still apply the LES filter to the cylindrical NS equations. When doing this, you should find the classical unclosed terms overtilde(u_i u_j) that are modeled using the LES subgrid scale model. The cylindrical NS equations can be found in basic CFD textbook.

Hoppe this help. Julien

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