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albertolot August 6, 2009 10:56

Wing Study Cases
Hey everyone,
Im working on my degree work on aeronautical engeniering, and im searching for some wing study cases. If you know something about it i wold be relly grateful.

jchawner August 8, 2009 14:21

I don't have all the links handy, but Google is your friend.

The Eglin wing-pylon-store (good case for a generic store, or for overset meshing)

The AGARD 445.6 wing (good aeroelasticity case)

The ONERA M5 and M6

Any of the AIAA's Drag Prediction Workshop cases (DLR-F4, DLR-F6 etc.) These are transport-like aircraft with fuselage, wing, etc.

The trapezoidal wing geometry (good for flaps and slats). This one is to be used for AIAA's high lift prediction workshop.

Hope this helps.

Ahmed August 8, 2009 16:27

this might help you
Good Luck

albertolot August 10, 2009 10:28

thankx for the help...

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