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AE ENGINEER August 8, 2009 08:09

Please help
Dear all, I have 2 Q and please answer me as soon as possible because really it 's very urgent for me.

1. how can build a delta wing geomatry with a certain sweep angle in GAMBIT to have a 3-D view of it. if you can guid me to any toutorials it will be good please don't till me about airfoils because i know how to do it.

2. i need to find out using FLUENT the pressure contours of the delta wing at certail sidslip angle (Rolling motion) and at a certain angle of attack. i know how to change the angle of attack in FLUENT but how about the roll angle of the delta wing????

Thank you very much in advance and i really need this help ......


AE ENGINEER August 9, 2009 06:00

no answer????????

NewtonKF August 9, 2009 09:52

For the second question, I think the best way is to generate an sphere around your wing and then you have 3dof to rotate the geometry... Besides, you can not use simetry in a roll analysis...

Good luck...

AE ENGINEER August 9, 2009 10:14

thanx Newton >>>> what do you mean please by simetry analysis :)

looking for an anwser for the firt Q

thanx all

NewtonKF August 9, 2009 10:22

Sorry my poor english... I wanted to say symmetry.... In the way that you will have to analyze the complete geometry instead of using a plane of symmetry... the in this plane the velocities are no longer symmetric...

For the first question, have you tried to generate the geometry in a cad and then export to gambit??? I think it is the best way...

Good luck...

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