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zobekenobe August 8, 2009 16:37

SIMPLE using collocated grids
can some one please explain the basic procedure of SIMPLE using the collocated grid...secondly how should the face cell velocities be interpolated....Date says they should be linearly interpolated ...whereas commonly momentum interpolation is used .....

neway once the momentum equation is solved for the velocity feild....where are these nodal velocities used .....are they used to interpolate the face cell velocities...

also to satify the continuity equation the mass flow rates are corrected and correlated with the pressure corrections

F =F* + F'

where F' = rho * del * u'

and F*= rho * del * u*

now although u* could be the approximated velocity feild calculated from the momentum equation or is it the face cell velocity calculated by momentum interpolation

i am very confused with this.....please somone help

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