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s_h August 9, 2009 22:15

hexagonal boundary conditions
Hi--I've implemented a 2D lattice Boltzmann model using hexagonal
boundary conditions and want to know if I'm reinventing the wheel
here. Does anyone know of hexagonal boundary conditions having ever
been used in CFD in general or lattice gases/Boltzmann models in
particular? A Google search on "hexagonal boundary conditions" turns
up nothing beyond the following apparently irrelevant references:

* Monte Carlo simulation of two-dimensional flux-lattice melting
* New aspects of the continuous phase transition in the scalar noise
model (SNM) of collective motion
* Melting of 2D nonequilibrium structures at low and high constraints
* Two-phase coexistence in the hard-disk model
* Point defects in two-dimensional colloidal crystals: simulation vs.
elasticity theory
* The flux-line lattice in superconductors
* [pulsed-laser and other miscellaneous references]

Additional references to hexagonal boundary conditions being used in
physics would also be welcome. (The 3D analogue would be truncated
octahedral boundary conditions, and anything on this would be nice


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