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Ramki October 21, 2003 23:21

Euler flow in 2D nozzle/passage
Hi - I am trying to simulate the classic compressible flow through a 2D nozzle/passage using conservative Euler equations. I am trying to model this using Jameson's finite volume formulation with artificial 2nd & 4th order dissipation.

I was clearly having a lot of trouble implementing the boundary conditions - especially the inflow & outflow conditions. Jameson did not seem to have spent a whole lot of time discussing BCs, except how to impose pressure BC near a solid wall.

I was referred to the excellent work by KW Thompson about non-reflecting boundary conditions based on the characteristics. With this I was able to simulate the quasi-1D flow through converging-diverging nozzles for all sorts of boundary conditions. I now want to model the flow in a 2D passage.

I guess if I used structured grids, I could map the flow domain to a rectangular computational domain, and use the non-reflecting BCs for analysis. How about if I tried to use an unstructured grid ? My question is this: is there some web-reference(s) or journal reference(s) that refer to this problem. This is a basi problem, right ? I could not find straightforward references on the web that directly addresses this flow problem in 2D.

Would greatly appreciate pointers. If this subject has been discussed before - I apologize, please point me to the right direction.

Thanks. - Ramki

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