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ntonkin August 11, 2009 14:28

Boundary Conditions Definitions for Gambit
I'm new to CFD. I'm using Gambit and Fluent. I'm reading and going through tutorials that have been set up by Cornell university.

They state "Also,read through the documentation for a boundary condition option to understand what it does before you use it (it might not be doing what you expect)" I can not find any documentation from Gambit that has this information. Can anyone send me in the right direction?


tas38 August 13, 2009 12:37

I believe the comment is in regard to boundary condition specification for the type of flow problem. Different boundary conditions are necessary depending upon the flow physics involved.

For example, for supersonic flows, pressure far-field boundary conditions are often employed. On such a boundary, the mach number and static conditions are specified. Such a boundary condition requires the activation of the ideal-gas model--this is noted in section 7.9 of Fluent users guide ver 6.3. If your flow were subsonic and it was desireable to specify a constant density, such a boundary condtion would be erroneous.

The fluent user's guide often suggests the conditions in which a specific boundary conditions would be applicable.

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