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PrandtlGlawert August 13, 2009 15:22

Convergence criteria
Dear all:
IŽm modelling a WORTMANN profile and studying its behaviour (Re=3x10^5). K-w (SST) model seems to reach convergence quick, but when switching to Reynolds Stress turbulence modelling, convergence tends to take far more time. That wouldnŽt matter if it werenŽt because i can never get a single value, just a range of them, and i can only take a semivalue...Is that correct? Any ideas to reach convergence? :confused::confused:

(By the way, i have to study later the same model with k-kl-w turbulence modelling and iŽve run a few cases... OMG convergence seems impossible there!!!! :D:D:D)

Thx in advance...

PrandtlGlawert August 13, 2009 17:13

Uuups iŽll take this thread to the FLUENT specific forum.


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