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alcesalces August 19, 2009 14:33

Solver for a Rotating Disc in a Volume of Air
Hello All-

The purpose of this post is to ask for recommendations on CFD software that can solve the test case that is described below (and perhaps notice on those that can't!!). I am new to CFD solvers therefore would like benefit from the knowledge base this forum represents. Here is the test case:

Physical Problem Description/Definition:

a) Define a disc in a volume of air. The disc would of negligible thickness, but rigid. Since I intend to spin the disc about its central axis, I am thinking that it would be a good idea to take advantage of symmetry and define both the volume of air and the disc in a cylindrical coordinate system (not a requirement, but it would make pre- and post-processing easier, so software that makes this easy would be desirable).

Initial Conditions:

a) Assign a rotational velocity to the disc, i.e., assign a tangential surface velocity to the individual mesh elements of the disc. once again a preprocessor that would use a cylindrical coordinate system would be desirable...

b) the air in the volume (the cylindrical "can") is initially at rest and, if need be, the air in contact with the boundary of the volume would be zero.


a) solve for a steady state solution. the spinning disc should cause the air in the volume to spin as well. the steady state solution should be where the rotation of the air reaches equilibrium with the spinning disc. (At least this what I think should happen!!)

Post Processing:

a) have a look at the normal forces on the surface of the disc (induced by the Bernoulli effect) as a function of radius

b) have a look at how the air in the volume rotates as a function of the rotating disc

That's It!

Any help in narrowing my search for a solver (and pre- and post-processor) is appreciated!!

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