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m.iran August 20, 2009 11:36

Pressure coefficient in SIMPLE Algorithm
hi everybody
I have a question about calculating pressure-correction Eq's coefficients.
I don't know how could I determine that, should I determine them after correcting u* and use new u* for calculating aI,J or by using guessed velocity field?
thank you.

zobekenobe August 21, 2009 00:55

i use the colocated grid along with momentum interpolation in that case when i am writing the cell face velocities ...they are the obtained by the linear interpolation of the cell centred velocities (the ones that were alredy predicted)...and hence in the pressure correction equations you have these cell face velocities that come into play.

hadian August 22, 2009 01:36

i use collocated grid and the calculation is :
1-solving u and v momentum and calculating u* and v*
2- calculating cell face velocities by momentum interpolation using calculated cell center u*, v* and cell face velocities of last iteration and time step.
3-solving pressure correction eq. (the cell face velocities calculated in step 2)
4- correcting cell center and cell face velocities

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