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bazz August 22, 2009 19:16

CFD ACE,need help
Hi all,
I am doing a part time research degree and working on the study of a multiphase flow (coal particles/air) through a pipeline using CFD ACE. Could i get some help with the following questions please?
1.What format have the files (pipe drawings) need to be before they can be loaded onto CFD ACE?
2.How do i convert 2d pipe drawings from autocad to the required format onto CFD ACE in 3D format?
3.Because i do a part time research, have no previous experience and work from home, i have found it difficult to get help on using the CFD ACE software? Are there books available that take you through the steps of using CFD ACE?
Thanks in advance,

majid_esi January 17, 2012 05:23


are you still using ACE+ for your research ??

Rahul_W January 18, 2012 13:47

1)ACE+ allow to import .DTF , nastan, patran,IGES,STL format file files.
2) you can import your geometry in IGES format or you can export your CAD file to GEOM or ICEM-CFD then extrude tour 2d into 3d and then export into DTF. this DTF you can use in ACE+ simulation.

bpcfdace January 26, 2012 05:08

hi Majid,

Yes, I am still using CFD ace. Have you used CFD ace?


bpcfdace January 26, 2012 05:09

Hi rahul,

have you used CFD Ace?


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