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nana August 26, 2009 04:04

Using Gambit to mesh Nasa rotor 35
dear all:

I have the control volume of nasa rotor 35, and i am using gambit to mesh it. However, i tried so many ways to solve the high skewness angle appear at the edge of the blade, i still cannot find the best way to solve it.My blade have twist angle from the root to tip. Anyone who can help me out with the good suggestion? Really appreciate on that.

I also can upload the geometry if u want to have a look, thanks :)

ericnutsch October 18, 2009 23:20

Unstructured mesh?
Are you using a size function?

The easy solution is just to increase the resolution of your mesh. If your computer can handle it, it is an very effective solution.

If thats not an option your should attach a print screen of the skewed members and we can take a look at the geometry.

Good luck :)

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