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wuttichai November 11, 2003 04:45

CFD versus Wind Tunnel Test
1.I would like to know how I can use CFD without using wind tunnel test. 2.How can I find out drag force acting on car body in CFD for Drag Coefficient. 3.I would like to know papers or literatures about using CFD instead of experiment (Wind Tunnel Test) in aspect of procedure, method and analysis. Please recieve my thank in advance for your assistances.

K.M. BAZEETH AHAMED November 11, 2003 05:25

Re: CFD versus Wind Tunnel Test
There are some softwares in which u can simulate the windtunnel conditions for example mach n0. temperatuure etc. execution of the program will give the lift drag etc., you can find this in a on-line java applet program in the website of NASA.

wuttichai November 11, 2003 06:11

Re: CFD versus Wind Tunnel Test
Thank you very much for our comments. However, if I would like to use other general purposed CFD commercial code such as ANSYS, Fluent etc., Can you recommend how?

Des Aubery November 12, 2003 01:07

Re: CFD versus Wind Tunnel Test
Sawasdee krap Khun Wuttichai,

What is the exact nature of your project?

A car in the wind-tunnel - there are a number of CFD software packages available... The accuracy of your answers is what is ultimately important - IMHO this will depend more on your modelling technique, than the software itself...


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