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cfduser03 November 12, 2003 01:59

need reference for structured mesh generation
Hi....I'm currently a GridGen user. I'm now working on the Structured mesh.

Can anyone suggest some good reference books/ papers/ articles for generation of structured mesh? Have you come across any good literature review for the mesh generation?

I'm an engineer and so I hope you can recommend those without too much mathematical details but will give me enough background in understanding the basics of grid generation.

I do have a few books which give me lots of formulae but without any application on the engineering problems.

Thanks for your time & suggestions.

Jarmo Monttinen November 12, 2003 11:37

Re: need reference for structured mesh generation
I would suggest the following: Handbook of grid generation / edited by Joe F. Thompson, Bharat K. Soni, Nigel P. Weatherill

The grid depends on the problem you are solving, the equations you are solving and so on. Some other book / paper may be more appropriate but I would start with this one.

-- Jarmo

Jonas Larsson November 12, 2003 11:54

Re: need reference for structured mesh generation
Here is a nice online book by Thompson:

mach13 September 7, 2009 09:58

Common problem. Book by Thompson, might not help you when using a commercial software. No books for practical probs. I can recommend that you search for papers - ASME(GT & POWER,TURBO MACHINERY...etc),AIAA,Springerlink...etc for work on similar geometries and keep working by trial & error. All the best....

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