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Brian November 12, 2003 07:59

Regenerative cooling rocket engine
Hi~ there.

I'm studying about regenerative cooling nozzle.

It is divided into 2 parts roughly.

One is combustion part, another is cooling channel part.

It is the cooling channel part that I am interested in

What I know is only that the shape of the cooling channel is the major part.

For example, bifurcated channel has the more efficient than straight rectangular channel in terms of the heat transfer, especially at the nozzle of throat.

So, I'm finding the papers or references about this(bifurcated channel in regenerative cooling nozzle)

I will compute this by Fluent or computer code to know the influence of the channel shape (in terms of the heat transfer and wall temperature)

I'd like to know the empirical results or numerical results in order to compare with my results

Anybody know the information about this? (papers or references)

Or if you have studied about this problem, could you give me a advice?


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