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worth November 12, 2003 15:59

Best Code for User Fortran
I've used CFX4 for years, and I have always bragged about the flexibility the user Fortran allows. I'm now starting over on a new project, and I'm unsure if CFX4 is still the correct choice. I could use help with answers to the following:

1. Does or will CFX5 offer similar flexibility via the user Fortran.

2. Do any other codes (FLUENT/FIDAP/CFD-Ace/etc.) offer similar access to internal variables via user Fortran.

3. Will CFX4 allow for fluid structure interactions in the near future (Is CFX4 still under development)?

4. Suggests for a code that will allow me access to internal variables so that I can include my own ALE and Immersed boundary techniques.

Thanks for any and all help. Worth

Richard November 13, 2003 05:11

Re: Best Code for User Fortran
Fluent is written in C so it might be difficult to incorporate your own Fortran if you have to use that language. You may be able to link Fortran subroutines though - see what their user support says.

STAR-CD is written in Fortran and has a very good facility for user subroutines.

cfd user November 13, 2003 07:38

Re: Best Code for User Fortran
Try PHOENICS. It allows rather deep access to internals.

Alton Reich, PE November 13, 2003 14:17

Re: Best Code for User Fortran

CFD-ACE user subroutines are coded in FORTRAN and offer a high degree of flexibility. I can put you in contact with our Academic Sales person, if you'd like more information.


Steve November 14, 2003 11:21

Re: Best Code for User Fortran
The "Best Code for User Fortran" is always going to be a monolithic hunk of 1980's FORTRAN which needs to be re-linked for each problem. Then you can guess the common block names and hack away to your heart's content.

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