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JSS September 23, 2009 05:47

Help for Broken dam problem
Hello, everybody!
Please help me to define input variables for broken dam problem
in sola-vof program. With my input variables program did't work, and I don't
know why :confused: sola-vof crashed with error in deltadj function,
but i think, that my input is correct.
thank you!

JSS September 24, 2009 07:58

Dear frieds! I very need your help in this question :( My 1e+10 variants doesnt't work

Hussam November 20, 2009 17:42

Broken Dam problem
Dear Mr. JSS
I am working on the development of the program SOLA-VOF for include two phase flow (liquid-liquid) is combined with the Continuous Surface Force (CSF) algorithm.
First, I want to test program SOLA-VOF to solve the Broken Dam problem but with an obstacle.
Also I find some difficults to input the variables nd how the representation of the obstacle.
Please help me in that.

Yours sincerely
Hussam Ali Khalaf

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