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yellow-stuff September 25, 2009 01:26

patching problem unsteady solver
hello everybody

i have a problem with the unsteady solver. i am trying to simulate the combustion of propane/air in a channel (length=1 to 5cm, gap size= 0.5 to 1 mm). i am using species transport model, with volume and wall surface reaction. after running several simulations with the steady state solver, i want to look now at the ignition behavior of this mixture. hence i am using the unsteady solver now.

this is my problem: i initialize with default values and patch a high temperature in the whole channel; reaction doesn't take place.
i initialize with default values, but with a high temperature; reaction takes place, but temperature remains the same (initialized with 1500K --> temperature remains unaffected about 1500K; initialized with 1000 --> temperature remains unaffected about 1000K)

what is the reason for this, what am i doing wrong. any suggestions?

further i want to patch a high temperature just at the inlet domain. how can i do this? i can just select the channel and the solid wall as a domain.

thanks for your help:)

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