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Andrew McMullan November 27, 2003 10:50

Implementation of Germano-Lilly model in LES
Hello everyone,

I am currently attempting to implement the Germano-Lilly subgrid model into a LES code, but I am having some difficulties. The code will be used for studying boundary layers and free shear layers.

Initially, I have set the code to calculate Lij, and this is done by test-filtering the veolcity components (and the products), in the manner of the reference the reference ( Now, the values of Lij behave as expected - tending to zero near the wall and constant in the free-stream.

My code then calculates the test filtered Sij term (S^ij), and this is where my problems begin. I am unclear as to the whether the dx in the equation S^ij = 1/2 (du^i/dxj + du^j/dxi) corresponds to the test-filter width or to that of the grid spacing.

Also, after I have test-filtered the |S|Sij term, I find that I need to set a boundary conditions for this term to close the system on my computational domain. Is there a simple way to do this, or have I made a bad assumption in how my test-filtering works?

juliom January 20, 2016 18:32

More than 10 years after this post, but I was wondering if you still have time to discuss about your achievements? I am coding my Dynamic procedure and it has been very difficult to implement some sections

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