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aeroranger October 1, 2009 00:59

Multi-stage axial flow compressor CAD model
Hi all,

I am interested in performing a CFD simulation of multi-stage axial flow fan or compressor (a stage means rotor and stator). If anyone has such a multi-stage axial compressor geometry (CAD geometry or co-ordinate data) please share it with me or kindly tell me the link from where I can download it.... I could not find any such geometry in the websites in public domain... Kindly help me in finding this...Thanks in advance...



jcling October 1, 2009 06:52

Hi! Aeroranger,
I can probably help you with the compressor geometry. Can you please email me to discuss about the details?
Please tell me your purpose of doing such CFD, eg. assignment? research? etc...


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