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CFDtoy October 5, 2009 13:39

Proposal quotes for CFD Aerodynamics work
I would like to know what is a reasonable estimate to conduct CFD studies on external aerodynamics of vehicles (car) to obtain wind loads. If I were to require CFD services for such an issue, what would be a competitive bid?

I kindly request any experienced vendors / users to share their comments here. It would be of great help.


Killercam October 8, 2009 11:23


The price for such a CFD task would be impossible to state with out further information. The crucial thing here is the model geometry (essentially how complex the model is), and the accuracy that is required.

AMEC Ltd. I know have a specialist CFD team, and if you send some specific information to us you may be able to find out some more information. I friend of mine is a Senior analyst there who specialises in this stuff: Dr. Nwagwe:


Ps. I too am a CFD analyst with AMEC Ltd. and could potentailly help you with any other enquirys, so don't hesitate to contact me.

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