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kuno July 25, 1998 00:53

is there any info. about body-fitted code?
Hello. I'm a graduate student in Mechanical Eng. and now I'm studying body-fitted(boundary-fitted) code coupled with SIMPLER algorithm about velocity field of fluid. it's hard to find any information (like example code or etc...) in my country, so if someone knows site address or lab. about BFC, please please inform me..... ^^....

John C. Chien July 28, 1998 19:14

Re: is there any info. about body-fitted code?
A body-fitted mesh is very easy to construct. For 2-D case, you first divide the computational domain into small blocks of rectangles. Near the wall, you will have a block with three flat sides and a curved side ( wall of body surface). Inside this block, you can generate algebraic or numerical mesh easily. ( sometimes, hand drawing is faster. It's not a joke.) How you connect these blocks together depends on whether you use structured of non-structured book-keeping method. ( structured book-keeping usually is easier to implement. RAM is very cheap today. Unstructured mesh book-keeping will save some memory, but it is much more complicated in programming.) I would use hand drawing to draw some mesh topology ( layout), then write a program to generate the mesh. Once it is operational, you can stretch the mesh distribution to improve the resolution. For advance numerical grid generation see Joe Thompson's book (Numerical Grid Generation, Foundations and applications, North-Holland 1985, isbn 0-444-00985-x, Elsevier Science Pub. Co.,Inc, it has 2-D sample codes,)

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