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sahar October 9, 2009 03:16

Question about parasolid
I haved a API that can read a number of CAD files, including
Parasolid. This API is written by python. Up to now, I relied on tools such as SolidWorks to create the CAD files. This works very well for complex models, since
tools such as SolidWorks are relatively simple to use GUI-based programs.
However, for certain very simple geometries, it would nice to have
a simple driven tool to pragmatically create simple CADs;
specially if I want to automatically create many models.
To that end, I see the following choices:
1. Find an open source API for creating Parasolid model.
2. Find a simple (preferably open source) tool (executable) that would
read a set of simple instructions and create a Parasolid model.
May I have your help on above items if not do you have a sample code
to help me in creating my own tool to directly write Parasolid files?
Thanks in advance,

jchawner October 10, 2009 13:13

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention an open source API for geometry is OpenCASCADE (

I don't know whether it can write a Parasolid file.

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