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RR December 6, 2003 00:52

Recommend CFD projects
Please recommend CFD/aerodynamics projects. I am interested in turbulence (high or infinite Re flows). I am also interested in hypersonic flows. I cannot think of a project. Any suggestion will be welcome.

I am not interested in atmosphere and heat flow.

Zhou Hua December 8, 2003 06:18

Re: Recommend CFD projects
Hello, RR,

There are many things you can do in hypersonics, I think. If you are interested in hypersonic turbulence but not interested in heat related problems, maybe you should do something about flows in upper atmosphere, I mean flows above 80km height. There are also many flight vehicles in that regime, like satelite, like space shuttle, and there are also many interesting physics phenomena happen there, like highly non-equilibrium flows interacted with turbulence or so. Good luck for you!

Zhou Hua

RR December 9, 2003 01:14

Re: Recommend CFD projects
Thanks Zhou. I like the idea of flows in the upper atmosphere. If possible, please give some ideas about turbulent flows in the lower atmosphere (<80km). regards R

Zhou Hua December 9, 2003 01:38

Re: Recommend CFD projects
Well, turbulent flows in the lower atmosphere (<80km) is classified as re-entry flows, actually the density of the air will increase to a value that the aerodynamic heating cannot be ignored, and the temperature will increase up to 8000K or even highter at the stagnation point, and the so called High Temperature Real Gas Effects will occur, that is the ideal gas law will fail due to non-equilibrium reactions. I am not sure what will happen to the turbulence, but I guess, due to the real gas effects, the property of air will change greatly, and in some way, it may affect the turbulent flow behaviers.

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