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ravids October 16, 2009 13:00

Cross-sectional Areas
Hi Guys

I have a rather strange problem for which I could not find a relevant sub-forum, hence posting it here.

After I create my meshed geometries in Gambit and run it Fluent and analyze the results in Tecplot, I wish to determine the cross-sectional areas of the branches of my geometry. I tried Geomagics, Gambit and Tecplot but there is no helpful feature to do this in any of these programs. Also, I need to find these areas at an exactly orthogonal plane to the branch (that is, no angle between the plane and the branch, just the exact area of cross-section). I tried another program called Solid-View Pro, but the cross-sections need to be perfect circles for this program to measure the areas. The areas in the geometries I use are NEVER circles (they are blood vessels, which are usually approximated to have circular lumen but that is not the case in the real world. They are irregular in shape). :(

Any help is greatly appreciated.



mrp October 16, 2009 13:09

An easy way of finding the area is: after you've got the cross sectional disc, add a point at its centroid and then build triangules joining the edges on the disc to the centroid and calculate their areas. Sum all of them and you have the area of the cross section.

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