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subha_meter October 17, 2009 23:54

UDF in Fluent
Dear frens, seeking your kind attention:

I'm doing simulation in bubble column with air water system. I need to use both custom drag and lift co-efficient for the simulation. Just prepared a custom drag UDF with the help of Fluent UDF manual (Define Property Exchange macro) and now wondering how to hook the lift co-eff UDF because for both drag and lift same macro is used and I'm not sure how to change UDF argument/thread pointers to hook the lift UDF.

In isolation, both drag & lift UDF gets hooked and produces result but when they are interpreted in tandem the latest replaces the former in "phase interaction panel" (because I kept the same arguments/pointers)

Could any one please help me out how to distinguish these two Udfs?

Thanks in advance.

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