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MSc Marcio Aredes April 5, 1999 09:08

Unstructured Grid Generation
I am developed a new code for generation of unstructured grid to finite volume methods. Could you send to me a good reference (or freeware code) of finite volume methods for unstructured grids ?

I would like appretiate it

Marcio Aredes Martins Mechanical Engineering Department Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Brasil - Earth Planet

Heinz Wilkening April 5, 1999 12:26

Re: Unstructured Grid Generation

may I ask if you are looking for a 2D or 3D code. What kind of Code you re looking for? Euler or Navier stokes solver.

In two 2D you might try NSC2KE by INRIA for anonymous download from . Or the MOUSE libary see the posting "PUBLIC CFD finite volume library is released" by Linhbao in this group.

For others like my it would be interesting to know, what your code can do.

Ciao Heinz

MSc Marcio Aredes April 5, 1999 14:50

Re: Unstructured Grid Generation
Thank you for the help!

I am searchig a reference about the metodology which describe how can I use an unstructured grid in finite volume methods. With this metodology, I'll validated my generation code, becouse I have a code for solver the Navier-Stokes equations (2D) with structured grid.

One more time, tank you

Farran,M. April 7, 1999 03:40

Re: Unstructured Grid Generation
Hi Marcio, i also work in the same subject u work UGG in 2D ..and i found some software in Fortran ,if u want it send back to me and if u have another in algoritms or in C/C++ ,u can send it to me ... i'll be happy if u connect to help each other...

Aerospace Deprt.,Cairo UniVersity ,EGYPT

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