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Adam Wu December 18, 2003 22:19

About buying Fluent
Dear All,

My company have ordered one package of Fluent and polyflow a year ago (at the beginning of 2003). However, upto this day, we are still not able to get the software. I am not sure this purchasing practice is common to all CFD software company, or just fluent itself. (Well, actually, we don't have such problem in buying ANSYS or other CFD software package).

Could anybody advise me how to get this problem solved?

Regards, Adam

John L December 19, 2003 07:20

Re: About buying Fluent
It may be simply a mistake - CFD companies nowdays are run like service industry. If you have proper order form and receipt, you should contact your local Fluent agent, and send a copy to the Head Office of Fluent in US (the latter is important to make sure the money was not taken by someone illegally).

BeachComber December 19, 2003 11:12

Re: About buying Fluent
Send them a cancellation notice with reference to your original P.O. number. That will get somebody's attention.

Adam Wu December 19, 2003 20:35

Re: About buying Fluent
Our purchasing department actually had done that already. We had contacted to the Fluent agent in Beijing and communicated with Fluent's head office, but the response was still negative.

Since we had spent several months to evaluate this software and decided to choose fluent. It would be too disappointed if we could not get it. Anyway, if the situation continues, we have, but no choice, to select another software.

I have heard that CFX is integrated with ANSYS now, does anybody use newest version of CFX? How is the performance? Is it very compatible to tranport the ANSYS model to CFX for thermal and fluid flow simulation?

Regards, Adam

John L December 22, 2003 10:23

Re: About buying Fluent
I don't know if you have mechanism to sue them in court in China. If your situation is true, it's better to change the software because of support issue (you could imaige what kind of supports you will get), maybe you can contact local agents of STAR-CD or CFX. But at the mean time, you should ask for the money back from Fluent.

Adam Wu February 2, 2004 12:01

Re: About buying Fluent
Dear All, Thanks for all the responses. After issued the post message "about buying fluent". Fluent agent in China had contacted us and investigated this issue promptly. Finally, the buying issue has been settled and today they have asked our computer configuration for generating the license code. I want to here thank you all the advices made and very appreciated the prompt action of fluent agent.

Adam Wu

Li Yuan February 3, 2004 05:24

Re: About buying Fluent
My name is Li Yuan, a sales representative at Beijing Hi-Key Technology Corporation Ltd., the sole distributor of Fluent products in mainland China and Hong Kong. Ever since Mr. Adam Wu posted the message on Dec 18,2003, I have kept contact with the purchase department of ASM Assembly Automation Ltd. This is to confirm that ASM did not purchase Fluent software a year ago. Actually Mr. Adam Wu made a mistake. Hi-Key Technology hopes to keep good relationship with all clients. We will continue to be of excellent service to our clients.

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