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Jerry January 1, 2004 10:13

simulation of flexible wing
Hello,happy new year!I'm beginer of CFD,I am going to do some work about simulation of flexible wing,so i have to do the work about structure dynamics,is there there anyone who can help me with some Fortran language about structure dynamics of wing(any suggestion will be ok)

Peter Attar January 1, 2004 14:49

Re: simulation of flexible wing
Look for books on aeroelasticity by the authors 1)E.H. Dowell 2)Y.C. Fung 3) Bisplinghoff,Ashley and Holt

As far as Fortran code goes..well the simplest way to set up the structrual equations of motion in an aeroelasticity problem is to use the normal modes of the system which you can find in a number of different ways depending on the complexity of the wing. A more accurate but more complicated and slower(computationally wise) option is to write a finite element solver for the structure.

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