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Shubidu January 5, 2004 06:24

Two-phase flow in microchannels
I have been doing turbulent flows and heat transfer in CFD for a few years now but I would appreciate your help with the following:

Modelling heat transfer of a fluid with the following properties:

a) two-phase flow (gas with several %'s oil)

b) fluid is evaporating (phase change)

c) flow regime is in the microscale

Which one of these points is the critical one? I don't think that a) is a problem but I don't know about the combination with b). In b) am trying to work out the latent heat that is 'absorbed' by the fluid (i.e. heat transfer coefficient). Is there a code available which is particularly well suited for the job? Or better still, can I use any of the standard codes (Fluent, CFX, StarCD, etc). Are there any issues that I should be aware of when modelling evaporation or latent heat? What about c)? Any ideas such as codes, problems, etc?

Any suggestions to one or all of the above topics would be greatly appreciated.

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