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Vicky Vigia January 6, 2004 01:12

Flow Mesh Generation
Dear Experts,

I am a Computer Graphics researcher, new to CFD, but I found this stuff extremely fascinating. Under the influence of tight schedules & the inability to join a course in my university leads me to do a little self-study. During, which I studied: Turbulent flow, Laminar Flow, different properties of fluid, Navier-Stokes eqns, Reynolds Stresses, Numerical discretization techniques like Finite Difference Method, Finite Element Method and Finite Volume Method.

As a programmer I have a strong desire to jump and create computer models, but I have no idea how to collate all the above knowledge to simulate the dynamics of a fluid.

I know I've came a long way, though I need to scrutinize that also :) but I'm sure that under a little support from experts like you I'll be able to create my first Fluid Dynamics Simulation Soon! :)

I'll be grateful for any comments.


Vicky Vigia

sijal ahmed January 6, 2004 04:38

Re: Flow Mesh Generation
first of all i am not a expert

just read the wonder ful text by anderson and tanhill

P. Birken January 6, 2004 05:33

Re: Flow Mesh Generation
Start with a simple model (not Navier Stokes, but Euler or even simpler). Then use a finite volume scheme with an explicit time discretization (explicit Euler) in time and a first order discretization in space using a simple Flux function. You should find pieces of code for some flux functions on the net.

Begin with trivial test cases in trivial geometries. Move on to more sophisticated cases.


P. Birken

luiz January 7, 2004 18:25

Re: Flow Mesh Generation
Also, there are insteresting free source code on ne web. With your skills, it would not take too long to you to learn and simulate simple and more complex flows.

Have a look at these opensources, frameworks: FOAM ( Gerris ( Overture (

I also had the same problem as you: I used to be a Telecomm and Electronic engineer when I got fascinated about CFD... I had read books, played around with some commercial CFD, etc... Then, I took a radical decision: quit my job and apply for a PhD in CFD. And I am very happy I had the courage. The message I am trying to pass is: if you really want, go for it! Everything is possible.

I wish you every luck!!! And if you need any help, (altough I am not an expert, I am more of a beginner), please drop me a line

I wish you every luck, luiz

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