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fabioacfoz November 9, 2009 23:20

Inlet-Outlet problems

Im having problems with my HVAC simulations. I dont know how to set my inlet-outlet coupling. My system is an office, where people, furniture, computers are empty spaces in the mesh. The people and the computers im setting as heat flux. For walls and windows, the temperature is fixed.

The inlet and the outlet of the system are on the luminaire coupling, the inlet by the side os the lamps and the outlet through the lamps. Im setting both of them as mass flow rate, with equal values.

But when i simulate, i get always get the message that air is trying to come back to the domain. I tried to chance the coupling, like setting air speed in both, seting the pressure of the outlet, always the same thing. In some cases, the overflow error comes up. Other times, the montecarlo error ocurrs.

With is a good way to set inlets and outlets in hvac systems. ( the tutorial 17 uses air velocity at the inlet and pressure 0 at outlet, but this causes the overflow error.)

Thanks all

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