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Graham November 11, 2009 15:49

Surface Post Processing
I've been doing alot of cylinder array work with first Fluent 6.3.5 and now Fluent 12. I was wondering if there was any way to easily "flatten out" a curve, or in my case, cylindrical, surface? I would like to be able to post process it as a rectangular contour (with a label below, 0-360 degrees) for placement in a report, however, the best I can do now is to look at each side individually. I've tried exporting a profile, of the heat flux (parameter of interest) and then using excel or matlab, but since I was forced to use an unstructured grid, this doesn't work out too well. Is there any (non-turbo) routine building to either versio of Fluent that can help me display the 3D data (x,y,z plane) in a largely 2d (r,theta for example) plane?


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