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ntonkin November 18, 2009 14:58

OVERFLOW and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

I'm a graduate student at Wayne State University getting ready for a thesis in the area of HAWT Aerodynamics. We have Fluent on campus but I'm considering using OVERFLOW. OVERFLOW is a public code created by NASA. Does anyone have experience with this? How user friendly is this? Do you recommend this code for HAWT analysis? WHere can I get the user manual from?

I have a few other questions as well. I'm trying to identify the key research papers in this area. Any help in this area is appreciated. I am also looking to further someones research in the HAWT aerodynamic area instead of starting from scratch. I'm looking for existing models that I can modify from. I'm particularly intersted in the 3d flatback area. Can anyone help me out with a contact or send me the models they have developed to this point? Fluent of OVERFLOW is good.

jackson November 19, 2009 02:40

contact me dirac_euler @

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