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vincent April 8, 1999 02:52

Import 2D-3D mesh into FLUENT.
Hello everybody.I wanna know if there any possibility to import a file containing coordinates axi(Z,R) or 3D(X,Y,Z) into Fluente and perform a calculation after with this CFD code. Thanks, Vincent

reyman April 8, 1999 08:31

Re: Import 2D-3D mesh into FLUENT.
I not completely sure, but I doubt you can import directly to Fluent. I know that you can import to GAMBIT, then re-mesh it, save as a *.msh file, then Fluent will easily import this file as well as give you important information about the mesh's suitability. You can even make the mesh more fine on a local level to better resolve such things as shock waves.

If you are able to import into GAMBIT, be sure and use the Examine Mesh function to see if you have nice elements (cells). A good rule of thumb is, for 3-D cells, accept the solution of no meshed geometry containing a skewness >= 0.8 (80% is actually pretty high), i.e. less than 80% is desirable. There is some pretty good numerical evidence that a grid having only one cell of skewness >= 0.9 will not converge, or if it does, the result will be very questionable. So skewness of about 0.8 might also be questionable for many results, but only you will know that since you know best about your numerics and geometries.

A.Gueynard April 10, 1999 09:47

Re: Import 2D-3D mesh into FLUENT.
Hello vincent, You can easily perfom that using the geomesh package, if you have the license. There is the directory, translate, *.xyz -> *.msh (something like that) after with using DDN you should build your mesh. Salut

Sanjay Padhiar April 12, 1999 04:31

Re: Import 2D-3D mesh into FLUENT.
Yes you can do this. If you look int the fluent manuals it will tell you what data structure the .msh /.cas file has to be. Then write a fortran or c code to converte it to that format. Read this new file striaght into fluent.

Or if you can read this file directly into NASTRAN, PATRAN, or any other third party code, convert to nastran or patran and then import directly into fluent

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