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Pavel April 8, 1999 03:04

Cells vs. Memory
Hello everybody, I'd like to ask what is the function between number of cells and megabytes of memory in Fluent5. Otherwise how many megabytes do I need for every 10 000 of cells?



Jonas Larsson April 8, 1999 03:20

Re: Cells vs. Memory
It depends on which solver you are using. The coupled solver tends to need more memory.

I'm just now running a ~300,000 cells case with the coupled solver (stationary) and it takes around 600 MB. YMMW.

Sung-Eun Kim April 8, 1999 10:32

Re: Cells vs. Memory
The memory requirement depends on the solver and physical models used. For 3D turbulen flow problems, the segregated solver in FLUENT 5 takes roughly 1MB of RAM per 1000 cells.

Alberto Tamm April 20, 1999 13:51

Re: Cells vs. Memory

First sorry for my bad english

Its depend from the solver. Aprox. 1Mb RAM / 1000 cells (segregated)

Now im solving a 800.000 cells problem, MRF, segregated, K-E. with aprox. 500 Mb RAM


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