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chat1983 December 3, 2009 06:26

Kiva 3v , cgs library.

I'm a new user to both linux and kiva and trying to run kiva 3v in my computer (pc) running on fedora core 11. As i need to create the itape17 input file I'm trying to install cgs libraries needed. but in installation media i can find only packages for work stations such as sun, hp, ultrix ,aix, sgi, solaris,convex, unicos etc ( IBM is missing) .

I have tried all of these cgs for my computer and nothing worked. 'make cgs ' works well ( for hp and sun) and 'make test' fails saying some 'undefined references'.

also if i'm correct it is required to have xlib11.a library installed in the computer to run cgs. but in my case i can not find and libX11.a file in the sysytem ( only x11 folder and some other files available ). I heard that now they have removed static libraries form linux.

therefore I'm very much thankful if anyone can answer following questions.

1. which cgs package suit my computer best.
2. If libX11.a is needed how do I add that to the system


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