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COLOPOLO January 27, 2004 23:10

Looking for the experimental data
Hi, everyone,

I'm looking for the experimental data of back-step flow to compare with the numerical results.

I have some papers about back-step flow, but most of them didn't have clear figures to digitize the experimental data.

Does anyone have the experimental data or know which paper has clear figures about the experimental data?

Thanks everyone

Rami January 28, 2004 03:49

Re: Looking for the experimental data
Try ERCOFTAC "Classic Collection" Database on, cases c30 (experimental) and c31 (DNS solution). If you cannot access the "available measurement/result" section (authentication needed), you can at least search for the original references:

c30) DRIVER, D.M. & SEEGMILLER, H.L. (1985). Features of a reattaching turbulent shear layer in divergent channel flow. AIAA J. 23, 163, (category No. 59.0: good LDV data but no w, b85-0082).

c31) LE, H. & MOIN, P. (1992). Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow over a backward-facing step . Stanford Univ., Center for Turbulence Research, Annual Research Briefs, pp.161-173.

K S Chang January 29, 2004 00:38

Re: Looking for the experimental data

In this site, results of exp. data and simulation with some turbulence models are given.

Best regards.

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