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vivekkumarmishra2003 December 6, 2009 05:19

Flow inside the car
Hello all,

I am new here and don't know if the same question had been here earlier (i searched the forum but could not get one).

I am modelling the air flow and temperature distribution inside the car when AC is on and in recirculation mode i.e. no fresh air exchange between the car and atmosphere.

I am using velocity inlet as inlet boundary condition and confused with

a)- Outlet boundary condition, what it should be ?

b)- i ran analyses with outflow boundary condition and pressure outlet and started getting reverse flow at outlet in both the cases, what does this mean ?

c)- for entering the temperature i activated the energy option, is this the correct method ?

d)- for steady state condition which temperature of air i should provide i.e. the tempeature at the start of Air conditioner or the tempeature when actually steady state occurs. (both data avaliable with me).

Thanx in advance for help

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