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centaur_ks January 30, 2004 17:15

Classic CFD Papers
Hi guys

I am trying to compile a list of Classic CFD / LES / DNS / Turbulence / Numerical Methods / maths papers. I listed some which i knew. I need your help to make the list complete.

I request all of you to list down the paper you think is a classic in our field. I would compile the entire list and then i would circulate it over here.

thanks much.

BillyBob January 30, 2004 20:28

Re: Classic CFD Papers
Hess & Smith Papers on panel methods, from way back!

vasanth January 31, 2004 12:09

Paper list
hi I will be happy if you can give methe list of your classic cfd papers.It will really help me very much thanks

RR February 2, 2004 00:44

Re: Classic CFD Papers
A paper by FT Smith (Proceedings of the Royal Society) about analysis flow over a semi-infinite flat plate. He used triple deck theory. It was published between 1977 - 1979. I will be thankful if someone can email me the paper.

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