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usman naseer December 11, 2009 02:51

please help in simulating a wind turbine blade in 6 DOF ????....
I have a problem about the rotating simulation of wind turbine.

I usually use 6 DOF UDF to calculate forces on a free falling body and its trajectory is found.But here the problem is wind turbine blade has to move about a fix point,not freely and wind flow work is done on the blades to make the blades rotating.
In the wind turbine case, I only have the data of wind flow at 6 m/s.

How do I simulate the wind flow work is done on the blades and then blades rotating?

I will wait for the kind reply from any1... February 24, 2016 08:12

Am trying to simulate a flow driven hydraulic turbine (a cross-flow impulse turbine) which looks exactly like your case. All i have is the inlet velocity of incoming water stream & i have to calculate the rpm of the rotor as the output.

If i use steady state simulation then i have to go for mrf or srf, but for which i don't have the angular velocity of the rotor, how do i proceed?
If i go for flow driven simulation then it is transient,
Which one would be much more feasible using CFX ?

fresty March 10, 2016 03:53

From what i know, the usual (or preliminary) way of doing this is to generate multiple Performance graphs (Power vs. angular velocity) at different velocities.. the point where d(Power)/d(Angular Velocity)=0 [maximum power] on each curve is your optimum Angular Velocity.. leading to optimum flow velocity selection..
Both steady state & transient could be done in CFX with all the methods you have mentioned, but rotation of blades due to incoming flow using any method is computationally expensive (at times overwhelming, depending on what your looking for..)

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