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RameshK December 25, 2009 12:02

Direct Numerical Simulation- for pipe flow
Hi all,

I would like to know what DNS is all about...... how to go about writing a code for DNS for a pipe flow....

I went through a paper and got an idea that it is like spectral method applied to N-S equaitons...

if any one is familiar with DNS please let me know I want to have a genuine discussion with people working on DNS

DoHander December 25, 2009 13:40

DNS means the direct integration of the Navier Stokes equations, in essence:

- 3D unsteady simulation
- high order scheme for both the spatial and temporal parts of the NS equation
- huge computer power (for real life applications)

If all you need is a pipe simulation you probably will be able to use a structured mesh and a high order finite difference scheme. Depending on your Reynolds number you can simulate this on a single machine or if you have a big Re number on a cluster.

RameshK December 25, 2009 14:41

I have read in a paper on DNS simulation of a channel flow where in the unknown functions are expanded with a basis functions and the resulting equations are solved by integrating in time..

how many ways are there to solve DNS

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