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kat February 9, 2004 09:44

LES benchmark
How do you estimate the necessary spatial and temporal resolution for your LES calculations and experimental measurements if you know only the flow configuration?

Jason February 10, 2004 18:06

Re: LES benchmark
I just heard that the mesh resolution should be as small as possible, according to your computer's capability. and the time step length should follow the CFL rule. If you receive any further comments, I would like to share it, thanks.

Andrew February 24, 2004 13:21

Re: LES benchmark
Generally I always find it to be a bit hit and miss. The best estimates are that your viscous stability number should not exceed 0.3, and you CFL limit must not exceed 0.3 either.

Build a mesh, select a time step (~ a few microseconds) and then run the code for about 100 time steps. It'll be obvious quite quickly if the code doesn't like the parameters you have applied.

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