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Mecobio February 12, 2004 06:52

A simple question (Where is the answer? Not yet!!)

It is well known that for confined places Low Reynolds Turbulence Models is A MUST. The wall-low method/trick is not correct (although the last one is used in turbulent combustion due to lack of computational capabilities).

My question is: Where can I find such explanation? PLease, I need to know the book's title and the pages where the need of using Low Reynolds Turbulence Models in confined places is explained in detail. I have/own most of the popular books and I have not found that particular explanaition yet.

I have not found it in Wilcox nor in Pope's book, etc.

I hope you can help me.


PS: Some one(without a name) add these 2 papers(see below) but they are just applications. Please, no more personal-ego-spam. OK?

Chen, H. C., and V. C. Patel., "Near-Wall Turbulence Models for Complex Flows Including Separation." AIAA Journal 26.6 (1988): 41-648.

Chien K.Y., "Prediction of Channel and Boundary-Layer Flows with a Low Reynolds Number Turbulence Model." AIAA Journal 20.1(1982): 33-38.

lsm February 12, 2004 08:28

Re: A simple question (Where is the answer? Not ye
i want to known too!

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