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robinfisichella January 11, 2010 06:39

3D Flow past a sphere BC?
Hi, im trying to run a simply and quick simulation to analyse the wake forces behind a stationaty 3D sphere in low turbulent flow.

I am doing this to try and visulize some of thje forces generated in the wake of a sphere in particular;

Shear stress uv
normal stress uu
normal stress vv

I have some PIV images from an investigation showing high stesses in certain areas of the wake and want to see if this is correct, though i couldnt find anything similar on the net so i am resorting to CFD.

I am using star ccm+, so far i couldnt see a way of visulising stresses away from the surface.......

I would like to know some suggested input values for turbulence intensitys and physics models.
Of course if anyone actually knows the answers to my stress questions that would probably be quicker!

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